The Esala perahara is a major event in Sri Lankas, and it is said that perahara goes back to 110 AC.Although, nodody knows exactly when it began.So, in any case, according to the “Mahawansaya written by Ven. Mahanama thero. The perehara had been held by the king of Kithsiri Meavan (A.D.301-328) .Furthermore, it believes, the perehara appear to have begun in the Anuradhapura kindom,which was the first kindom in Sri Lanka.
The Esala perehara is similar to the other greatest celebrations ilke Veasak,poson,Sihala Hindu New year.
At present it has being held initiating Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy honourly as “Dalada Perehara”.